certified translations of text and documents

Get a certified translated document

Order a certified translation of any text or document from over 70+ languages into English and vice versa, in 3 easy steps:

  • Upload your file or document to be translated
  • Complete the payment online using your credit card
  • Receive your certified translation via email or by post

Certified translation of personal documents

ATA-Certified Translation

Your translated document will have the attestation of an ATA-certified translator

24-48 Hour Delivery

Fast turnaround

Receive your translated document within 24-48 hours. Express options available.

100% USCIS Acceptance Guarantee

Get accepted by the USCIS

Your translated document will be accepted by the USCIS, DMV, etc.

Why CHOOSE CERTEXT for certified translations

Our Translation Services

At Certext, rest assured that the translations are done by our team of ATA-certified translators.

Personal and ID documents

Get a certified translation of your foreign driving license, passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate and other personal documents.

Foreign education credentials

Translate your foreign education credentials such as your diploma or transcript into English, for acceptance to a university in the USA.

Immigration documents

USCIS Accepted translations of your foreign documents needed for your immigration application and visa processing.

Translations for business use

Get your text or documents translated by real humans – No AI. Receive an accurate translation of the source text with natural language.

Didn’t find what you need?

Get a certified translation of your birth or marriage certificate, passport, driving license, foreign diploma, transcript, contract, etc. Only $24.99* per page.


I’m very happy with my completed translation order.
The online ordering process was smooth and delivery was fast.
The translation was accurate. Everything was perfect!

Questions and answers


How do I send my document?

The entire order process can be done online. You can take a picture of your document and text it to us, or scan and email it to support@certext.com


How long will it take?

A document with 1-2 pages of text can be completed in as fast as 24-48 hours. Express delivery options are available. Please inquire.


How do I pay?

We begin translating your document as soon as you complete the payment for your order. You may pay online using any credit card or Paypal.

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Getting a certified translation accepted by the USCIS or a US university has never been easier. Inquire online.

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